Malta & Gozo Cruise

Malta and also Gozo are sister islands situated in the southern part of Europe and also practically in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is just one of the islands that make up the Maltese archipelago.

Many people check out that island chain to take pleasure in the views of medieval and also old frameworks still standing all over Malta, swim in one of many sandy beaches with clear waters or go diving as well as snorkelling. Prior to heading out to the Maltese islands, there are a couple of things you need to remember to ensure your journey will be as trouble complimentary as feasible.


It is feasible to obtain rent vehicles in Malta as well as Gozo, however you will certainly be driving to British convention. This means that the automobiles steering wheel is located on the right and you will certainly require to keep left when traveling. There are public automobiles you can take like the bus, however you need to inspect its routine. Individuals of Malta and Gozo are likewise very friendly; you can try hitchhiking to navigate community.

You can additionally ride the ferry to get across the various islands of Malta. The ferryboat departs the harbour every 45 mins and is typically free if you are going from Malta to one more island, though you will be billed for riding the ferry back to Malta.


The Maltese food is influenced by its neighbour Italy, specifically Sicily. The local recipes in Malta additionally inform something regarding the background of the archipelago having been influenced by British, Moorish as well as Spanish food.

Gozo is called the breadbasket of Malta due to its productive soils for that reason, you can be guaranteed that the ingredients in the food you consume in Gozo are fresh. One food you need to try when you remain in Gozo is the Gbejniet, a neighborhood cheese. It is delicious when eaten fresh or healed with vinegar as well as pepper. Check out to learn more info on romatic locations.


Maltese is the national language spoken in the island country however there are different languages spoken in each area. The younger generation additionally talk and also understand Italian. Certainly, being a visitor you are not anticipated to know Maltese yet take comfort in the reality that English is the 2nd language of Malta. You will do fine in English yet attempt using a little Maltese, like usual expressions and concerns; it will be valued by the locals.


As of January 1, 2008, the Euro is now the nationwide money of Malta as well as considering that February 2008, resorts, stores and also other significant facilities will no more accept Lira. You must trade whatever money you generate to Euro once you get to Malta or Gozo.

Various other Tips

If you check out the Maltese islands during the summertime, be prepared to a hot and also dry trip. The temperature level may rise to 36 to 38 degrees Celsius on summer times so if you are not made use of to the warmth, you might feel a dehydrated and also quickly tired out. See to it you wear light clothing and constantly keep on your own moisturized.

Generally, Malta as well as Gozo are risk-free and also peaceful. The criminal activity rate is pretty low as well as there are couple of disturbances in the tranquility but you still need to take care of burglars, particularly if you remain in the beach.

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