Perfect Cot Bed Mattress

The best cot bed cushion will guarantee that your child gets a good night sleep. Newborn infants invest about 16 – 18 hours asleep daily, so it is essential to acquire a risk-free and also comfortable one.

A good quality of sleep is important for parents as well as children yet sourcing the right cot bed cushion can be a complicated job, with various kinds of bed mattress on the market to choose from.

It’s necessary to set up the cot bed correctly prior to determining for your bed mattress. Once it has been constructed, gauge the interior length and width of the cot base.

Cot mattresses been available in two basic dimensions. The criterion (56x118cm) or continental (60x120cm).

To keep the cushion as hygienic and tidy as possible, why pass by one with a PVC-covering or a detachable top panel that you can clean at a fairly high temperature.

It should be firm, without sagging and also fit the cot easily with no spaces. The space in between the cushion and also cot should disappear that 4cm, this is crucial to avoid your baby from coming to be caught.

The voids in between the bars ought to be less than 6.5 centimeters. The base of a lot of cot beds will certainly have a stamp or sticker label which will certainly indicate the recommended size of cot bed cushion called for.

The cushion needs to conform to all the safety and security policies and also meet fire guidelines of the nation you reside in, discover here so as to ensure a safe and better night sleep.

It’s just advisable to acquire a second-hand bed mattress if you recognize the background, if not purchase a brand-new one. If you acquire a cot bed that is an uncommon shape or size than the norm, you can obtain a bed mattress specially made it.

Types of Cot Bed Mattress

Foam – These bed mattress generally have a PVC covering over the foam interior.


  • Inexpensive, good value for money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Light-weight.
  • Disadvantages

The PCV cover could be an issue to parents, as it can make babies clammy in heat.

Some foam bed mattress have ventilated holes which can be hard to tidy, especially if an infant is sick the residues can be hard to clean up when it gather in the holes.

Springtime interior – These types of cushions have a coiled springtime device below its non- PVC surface area


  • Offer outstanding support.
  • A lengthy life span due to the fact that they hold their form well, a sensible purchase if you want to make use of the cushion for greater than one youngster.


  • They are heavy compared to their foam cot bed mattress equivalent hence making changing the bed linens tough.
  • More expensive than foam bed mattress

Fiber – This sort of bed mattress is most pricey and likewise lengthiest long-term of the whole cot bed mattresses. This is due to the interior which are made from all-natural fibres like coconut fibre coated in latex.

Hypoallergenic – Has non allergenic internal core foam integrated with an anti-allergenic and also water immune surface area. Making it a superb choice, if allergies or asthma are a worry in your household.

Cot bed Mattress Guard

A protector has numerous essential features: It avoids the exposure to allergen, and likewise can increase resting comfort.

Last wishing security against dust mites. This functions by sealing in the dust mites, so the bits can not become airborne.

Waterproof protector aid push back fluids. This is particularly useful to stop night-time wetting accidents that can stain and harm the cot bed mattress.