About Us

eQuibbly's Raison D'être

eQuibbly's online arbitration platform provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for companies to resolve their contract disputes. Litigation, and now more than ever before, traditional in-person arbitration, for disputes under a few hundred thousand dollars, has become prohibitively expensive and too time-consuming to be financially prudent. Yet, disputes still arise. There is an opportunity cost to corporations when disputes with 'partners' are not resolved relatively quickly in a fair and unbiased manner. A good business relationship can become caustic and irreparable after protracted negotiations. Often, the resolution of a dispute where both parties believe they are in the right, is best left to a neutral third-party arbitrator to decide how it should be resolved fairly.


eQuibbly will work with the parties' chosen arbitrator. Or eQuibbly can provide an arbitration attorney with expertise in a particular industry, or a retired judge. Please contact eQuibbly to find out more about our services and arbitrators.

The Founder

After completing Law & MBA degrees at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business, Lance Soskin articled with the law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, was called to the Bar and subsequently worked as an investment banker for Scotia Capital in Toronto and the former Merrill Lynch in New York in both Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance. Since then, Lance has pursued entrepreneurial ventures and held management positions in various companies.

To learn more about how eQuibbly help your company resolve its contract disputes, see "how it works" and "why you should use eQuibbly".

Why the name eQuibbly?

eQuibbly is a mashup of several words that taken together, convey our philosophy:

equable or equably:
   Uniform in operation or effect; marked by lack of variation or inequality

equitable or equitably:
   Characterized by equity or fairness; just and right; fair; reasonable

   Argue or raise objections about a matter