A Former Official Trial Judge Will Resolve your Case in Under Two Weeks

Flat Rate Pricing
Here's How it Works:
  • Create Your Account
    It only takes 30 seconds to sign up for an account with your name and email address. Click the "Get Started" button at the top of the homepage.
  • Initiate The Resolution Process
    Click the "Get Started Resolving Your Dispute" button on your dashboard. Explain what your dispute is about, how it came to be, and how you think it should be resolved.
  • Upload Your Evidence
    Upload any documents and images that will convince the Judge that you should be awarded what you are claiming.
  • Sign An Agreement
    Both Parties sign an agreement online to submit the case to a Judge on eQuibbly for a legally-binding decision.
  • Request Response from Defendant
    Enter the Defendant's name and email. eQuibbly will send them a request to enter a response and propose a resolution.
  • Indicate You're Ready for Judge
    Each Party indicates they have finished uploading their evidence by clicking on the "I have uploaded all evidence for this dispute" button on their dashboard.
  • Pay To Have Your Case Resolved
    Choose the fee category your dispute falls into based on the description on our pricing page. You can add this cost to your claim in your proposed resolution.
  • Judge Assigned to Case
    eQuibbly will assign your case to an appropriate Judge based on the expertise required. The Parties have the option of declining the assigned Judge.
  • Judge Holds Hearing
    In the virtual dispute room assigned to you, use the text box to respond to the Judge's questions. If the Judge requires it, all Parties will schedule and participate in a telephone or video conference.
  • Judge Resolves Dispute
    Within two weeks the Judge will declare a winner and provide both Parties with a signed official Award in writing that specifies the legally-binding resolution to your case. You will be notified by email when the Award is ready to be downloaded.