Why use eQuibbly?

Resolve Disputes from the Comfort of your Home or Office and Avoid the Nightmare of Going to Court!

Using eQuibbly to resolve a dispute is easy, quick and cheap.

  • Resolve almost any issue confidentially.*
  • Resolve employee-employer conflicts.
  • Resolve disputes between customers.
  • Resolve landlord-tenant issues.
  • Resolve argument over money.

A former Official Trial Judge Resolves Your Dispute

On eQuibbly, only former Judges with trial experience decide the cases. Most small claims cases in court are heard by 'hearing officers, 'deputy judges', 'temporary judges' and sometimes 'arbitrators', all of whom are appointed by the Court, but are not official Judges. They are often attorneys, but depending on the jurisdiction, they may not be practicing attorneys and may not even have a law degree.

Most other online services only offer arbitrators with an 'arbitration certificate'. Typically these certificates require only a handful of classroom instruction time and little else. These arbitrators do not have a law degree, nor any experience as an attorney, let alone experience as an official court Judge.

A Legally-Binding Decision in Under Two Weeks

Get a final decision in under two weeks on eQuibbly rather than the six months to two years it takes in court. The longer you wait to get a judgment the lower your chances of recovering what you're owed.

It's Affordable**

On eQuibbly you only pay one low flat fee for a former Official Trial Judge to hear your case and hand down a legally-binding decision that is enforceable in a court of law. There are no hidden costs and no hourly fees to be paid to attorneys or arbitrators. In court, both parties pay an initial filing fee which is usually quite reasonable. Then you pay more fees for almost everything you do including serving documents, setting down a date for trial, having a witness testify, filing a motion to request more time, and getting an official certificate of the final judgment. Then there's the cost of parking, travel and time off work.

It's Convenient

The whole process takes place online whenever it's convenient for the parties. You won't waste time traveling back and forth to court multiple times, waiting in line to file documents with the clerk, or waiting for a turn to be heard by a judge. If you litigate you will have to go to the court house in person during the work week, both to file the initial paperwork and for the trial, and possibly to attend a pre-trial hearing or mandatory mediation. This requires time off work and a lot of patience.

It's Private and Confidential

Suing someone in court is a public process where information about your business and personal affairs is available for anyone to see. And since judgments in court are public information they can and often do appear on credit reports, affecting credit ratings. Not so on eQuibbly - It's possible to avoid unfavorable publicity and to protect your confidential information from prying eyes.

No Complicated Forms or Procedures

You won't have to spend your nights and weekends learning complicated court rules and procedures or completing confusing forms. eQuibbly has quick online forms and simplified rules that are much easier to understand than those that govern litigation or other arbitration services.

You Won't Have to Pay Legal Fees

Since the rules of evidence and procedures we use are quite informal, and since decisions are based on North American legal principles and what is equitable and just given the circumstances rather than the often complicated and technical laws of any one jurisdiction, the parties are in a much better position to represent themselves without having to involve attorneys. In court, the risk of falling victim to a technicality or an obscure law that is unique to that one jurisdiction resulting in a case being thrown out or compromised as a result, warrants the cost of hiring a lawyer who understands the quirks of those particular laws and procedures.

*Due to inconsistent laws in various jurisdictions we are generally not able to arbitrate disputes dealing with divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, and crimes. However if both parties are represented by counsel you can contact us to make special arrangements.