Why use eQuibbly?

Resolve Contract Disputes with Online Arbitration and Avoid the Time and Cost of Litigation or Traditional In-Person Arbitration.

eQuibbly uses streamlined rules and procedures to resolve contract disputes in the most efficient and effective way possible, taking the emotion out of the equation and salvaging otherwise profitable business relationships.

  • Resolve almost any contract dispute confidentially.
  • Resolve supplier disputes.
  • Resolve leasing disputes.
  • Resolve construction disputes.
  • Resolve franchise disputes.

An Arbitration Attorney with Industry Expertise, or a Retired Judge, Resolve Corporate Disputes Entirely Online

Most other online services only offer arbitrators with an 'arbitration certificate'. Typically these certificates require only a handful of classroom instruction time and little else. Those arbitrators do not have a law degree, nor any experience as an attorney or a judge.

A Legally Binding and Enforceable Resolution in a Matter of Weeks

Receive a final decision and an arbitration award in a matter of weeks on eQuibbly rather than the 1 to 3 years it takes in court. Attempting to first negotiate is a good idea, however, the longer the negotiation continues, the greater the likelihood your otherwise profitable business relationship is deteriorating, even if it may not yet be obvious. It is very difficult to keep emotions out of a dispute when not using a neutral third-party as decision maker.

It's Cost-Effective

Since the rules of evidence and the procedures are more informal in arbitral proceedings, and since the parties to the arbitration can choose to have the decision based on the principle of "ex aequo et bono" - what is fair and just given the circumstances and the facts surrounding the dispute - rather than the codified laws of any one jurisdiction, the whole process requires less time. In addition, Since it takes place entirely online, companies pay for the arbitrator’s time actually arbitrating the dispute rather than traveling, staying in a hotel, and other incidentals.

It's Convenient

With online arbitration, no time is wasted traveling back and forth to court multiple times, or waiting for a turn to be heard by a judge. The whole process takes place online whenever it’s convenient for the parties.

It's Private and Confidential

Litigation is typically a public proceeding and documents and evidence used during the trial are available to the public. With arbitration, it is possible to avoid unfavorable publicity and to protect confidential information about business affairs.

Arbitral decisions are enforceable cross border

If it becomes necessary to take enforcement action for failure to comply with the arbitration Award, "The New York Convention", which has been signed by 149 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, China and India, often makes it easier than enforcing a judgment of a foreign court. Unless there has been fraud or prejudice, or a few other very limited circumstances, the Convention requires courts in each of the signatory countries to recognize and enforce arbitration Awards made in any of the other signatory countries, as if it were a judgment of their own court.

You Won't Have to Pay Legal Fees

Since the Arbitration Rules and procedures eQuibbly uses are relatively informal, and since, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the arbitrator's decision can be based on 'ex aequo et bono' - what is equitable and just given the circumstances - rather than the often complicated laws of any one jurisdiction, the parties are in a much better position to represent themselves without the need to hire an attorney to represent them. In court, the risk of falling victim to a technicality or an obscure law that is unique to that one jurisdiction resulting in a case being thrown out or compromised as a result, warrants the cost of hiring a lawyer who understands the quirks of those particular laws and procedures.