Avoid the Nightmare
of Going to Court

Have a former Official Trial Judge decide your case online in under two weeks
Save time and money. eQuibbly is quicker, cheaper and more convenient than going to small claims court to settle your dispute.
How it Works
  • Tell Us About Your Case

    Explain what your dispute is about, how it came to be, and how you think it should be resolved.
  • Upload Any Evidence

    Upload any documents and photos you think will support your case.
  • Defendant Responds

    eQuibbly will use the email address you provide to invite the Defendant to respond.
  • Judge Decides Your Case

    Answer Judge's questions and then get an official signed Award that is legally-binding in a court of law.
Pricing you can understand
You only pay ONE LOW FLAT FEE for a former Official Trial Judge to rule on your case and hand down a written decision that is legally-binding in a court of law in 148 countries.

Press coverage

  • The Huffington Post
  • CBC moneywatch
  • Daily News
  • The Toronto Star
  • Easy to Use
    Super fast sign-up and an intuitive interface
  • Convenient & Cost-Effective
    Litigation in court is expensive and a huge headache
  • Safe & Secure
    We use banking level 256-bit encryption to protect your information
The eQuibbly Advantage
  • Cheaper Than Court
    ONE flat fee and NO hidden costs. In government courts both parties pay an initial filing fee, and then more fees for almost everything you do, such as requesting a trial date, and having a witness testify. Then there’s the cost of parking, travel and time off work.
  • No Complicated Forms and Procedures
    You won’t have to spend your nights and weekends learning complicated court rules and procedures or filling out confusing forms. The whole process takes place online whenever it's convenient for you.
  • It’s Private and Confidential
    Litigating in court, even small claims court, is a public process where information about your business and personal affairs is available for anyone to see. On eQuibbly, cases take place in private virtual-rooms where your information is protected with a password and encryption.
  • Decisions are Fair and Impartial
    Cases on eQuibbly are decided based on North American legal principles and what is fair given the circumstances, not the technical laws of one state or province. Judges on eQuibbly control the process, so it makes no difference whether one party can afford a high-priced attorney.
  • Decisions in Under Two Weeks
    Get a final decision on your case in under 2 weeks on eQuibbly rather than the 6 months to 2 years it takes in court. The longer you wait to get a judgment the lower your chances of recovering what you're owed. So don’t wait!
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