RESOLVE CONTRACT DISPUTES efficiently and cost-effectively with flat-fee online arbitration

Reduce your company's arbitration costs by 35% with our simplified arbitration rules and procedures.
We can provide arbitration attorneys with expertise in particular industries, or use your preferred arbitrators.
How it Works
  • Provide Dispute Details

    Explain what the dispute is about, how it came to be, and your proposed resolution.
  • Upload The Evidence

    Upload evidentiary documents and photos to support your claim.
  • Respondent Responds

    eQuibbly will use the Respondent's information you provide to invite them to respond.
  • Arbitrator Issues Award

    After answering the arbitrator's questions online, a signed arbitration Award is issued.
Pricing you can understand
Pay a REASONABLE FLAT FEE for an arbitration attorney with industry expertise to resolve your company's disputes and receive an arbitration award that is legally binding and enforceable in court.
  • Easy to Use
    Super fast sign-up process and an intuitive interface everyone will appreciate
  • Convenient & Cost-Effective
    Traditional arbitration has become too expensive and time-consuming
  • Safe & Secure Documents
    We use 256-bit encryption and 'best practices' to protect your confidential information
The eQuibbly Advantage
  • Significant Savings Over Litigation and Traditional Arbitration
    Reasonable rates, flexible fee structures, NO hidden costs. We can offer lower cost arbitrations due to the simplified rules and procedures and the convenience of online arbitration. There is no longer a need for corporations to pay as much for arbitration as they do for litigation.
  • Simplified Forms and Procedures
    You will not have to spend precious hours completing ridiculously complicated forms, nor complying with inconvenient and out-dated court rules and procedures. eQuibbly simplifies the whole process; everything is done entirely online whenever it's convenient for the Parties.
  • It's Private, Confidential and Secure
    Litigation is a public process where information about your business affairs is available to the public. On eQuibbly, arbitrations take place in private virtual rooms where your information is protected with a password, SSL and encryption. Documents are stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry leader in secure document storage.
  • Decisions are Fair and Impartial
    Unless the Parties agree otherwise, disputes on eQuibbly may be decided 'ex aequo et bono' - based on principles of what is fair and just given the circumstances. Any impartiality or malfeasance on behalf of the arbitrators will not be tolerated by eQuibbly for any reason. Arbitrators are screened and must meet exacting ethical standards.
  • Arbitration Decisions in a Matter of Weeks
    Arbitration awards are issued in a matter of weeks rather than the 6 months to 3 years it takes in court, or with traditional in-person arbitration. Typically, the faster a dispute can be resolved, the faster it can be removed from a company's financial statements, the better it is for both Parties. There's no need to take up precious resources negotiating ad infinitum over a few hundred thousand dollars or pounds or euro. Resolve the dispute, move forward, and salvage an otherwise profitable business relationship.
Resolve Corporate Disputes Online