Feel the Effects of CBD

Taking CBD in different forms produces different results. Sublingual administration and smoking offer immediate peace of mind, while edibles take longer to take effect, but the effect lasts much longer. Follow these tips and tricks to speed up the process and feel the lucid effect of CBD immediately.

When taking any supplement, most consumers want to know how quickly it takes effect. And when it comes to CBD, the answer depends on how it is consumed. Cannabidiol produces a lucid, calming effect, but different methods of administration offer slightly different experiences.

You can modify how quickly the effects of CBD appear, and how long they last, by changing the way you take this cannabinoid.

Smoking dried buds, ingesting edibles, and administering CBD oil under the tongue are all different options that offer unique advantages and some potential drawbacks.

Examine all the options below to see which method of CBD consumption works fastest, and which best suits your lifestyle.

How to take CBD

When it comes to speed, the best forms of consumption are smoking, vaping and sublingual administration. These methods ensure a fast and efficient transfer of CBD into the bloodstream.

In contrast, CBD consumed orally must first pass through the digestive tract and liver, resulting in a slower onset, but longer-lasting experience.

Topical CBD, on the other hand, is unique in that it does not reach the bloodstream through the skin.

Smoking and vaping

Smoking and vaping give CBD almost instant access to the bloodstream. After puffing on a joint, blunt or pen vaporizer, the hemp smoke or vapor quickly enters the lungs, where CBD and a cocktail of terpenes are distributed among tiny sacs called alveoli. It doesn’t take long for the molecule to enter the bloodstream, bind to the corresponding receptors, and begin to exert its effects.

Sublingual method

Sublingual administration consists of depositing the CBD under the tongue. The thin layer of tissue in this area of the mouth allows the CBD oil to quickly dissipate between the capillary beds and enter directly into the bloodstream. Many doctors prescribe sublingual medications to provide their patients with an immediate effect, and the same is true for CBD. If you’re looking for a quick high without smoking or vaping, you’re going to love this method.


CBD consumed orally passes through the digestive tract and is then taken by the body to the liver for processing. Finally, it enters the bloodstream where it begins to take effect. All this can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. However, the effect usually lasts longer and is stronger. If you are not in a hurry, this method will provide you with a continuous and lucid experience.

Topical Use

Topically administered CBD is a great way to nourish your skin. It leaves the epidermis feeling smooth, radiant and youthful. Thanks to the wide variety of products available, you can add CBD to your cosmetic routine in any way you see fit.

How to make CBD work faster

Now you know the most common ways to consume CBD. And while we’ve mentioned some very efficient methods, you may still be looking for an even faster start. Don’t worry, we have the solution.

Take CBD with fatty foods

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble molecules. In any edible recipe, you’ll always find a good amount of fat, hence the popularity of cannabutter. If you are going to cook with CBD, we recommend adding this wonderful extract to your dishes. Alternatively, simply put a few drops of CBD oil in your fatty foods, such as nut butters.

Choose full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD oils provide a rich cocktail of hemp phytochemicals. In addition to a high CBD content, you’ll get a good dose of aromatic terpenes, which work alongside the cannabinoid to create a more pronounced effect.

Try CBD supplements with liposomes

Hemp technology has come a long way, and liposomes are a good example. These tiny “bubbles,” composed of a double layer of phospholipids, wrap around CBD molecules and terpenes. They function as a three-dimensional protective shield that offer the active ingredients a safer path through the digestive tract into the bloodstream.

Keep CBD oil under the tongue

Sublingual administration offers a quick onset of effects, but still requires a bit of patience. Many consumers swallow CBD oil too soon, reducing its effect. Leave the drops under the tongue for at least a minute before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Get the maximum benefit from your CBD

All quality CBD oils indicate the exact amount of CBD contained in the bottle. Follow the tips and tricks above to get the most out of each molecule and experience the fastest possible onset of effects. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and, above all, enjoy the healthful effects of this cannabinoid.

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